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What is the Alexander Technique

Places where the Alexander Techniqu is practiced /taught in UK

What can you expect from an Alexander Technique session

Questions about what an Alexander Technique session involves

What are the main Qualifications a practitioner should have?

What can Alexander Technique Treat?



What is the Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique can be defined as a way of learning to deal with the harmful tensions that we all carry around in our bodies.

It is a movement therapy where you "relearn" correct posture, coordination of body parts and muscle balance to carry your whole body in a less stressful and more efficient way. It teaches you to achieve postural harmony to improve body functions like breathing, circulation and digestion. This in turn has a very positive effect on our psychological well being, mood and outlook

F. Matthias Alexander developed the Alexander Technique in London in the 1890s.

He was an professional actor who started to lose his voice. This was obviously a hugely significant event for him and he resolved to deal with it. As a result he came up with his technique.

Realising that he had stumbled across something of tremendous value he used it to teach vocal training to singers and actors.

In his training method, he focused primarily on breathing and his technique helped in improving students’ breathing patterns. Alexander's technique of vocal training was originally termed as "respiratory re-education.”

It became clear that the technique also helped various physical difficulties.

Alexander technique is now used to eliminate back pain, improve breathing, prevent excess tension and improving posture. Adherents rediscover feelings of youthful lightness. They seem to look younger.



Places where the Alexander Technique is practiced /taught in UK

The following organization, societies and associations work in the field of Alexander Technique.

STAT - The Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique

The Professional Association of Alexander Teachers (PAAT)

United Kingdom Alexander Technique Associates (Ukata)



What can you expect from an Alexander Technique session

It takes several lessons to learn the technique - or rather unlearn the bad habits we have picked up since our perfect posture as small children.

The lesson is like a form of hands on light manipluation education. The aim is to teach you how to overcome habitual limitations in your thinking and movement.

You learn the technique through individual or group lessons. The teacher teaches this technique by using verbal instructions combined with hand contact.

If the lesson is in a group, the teacher will use short individual lessons for each member of the group.

It is not a curative treatment session. It is a lesson. You do not have a "patient-doctor relationship" in the lessons. It is more teacher / pupil. Basically you learn the technique to practice later.

You do not have to follow any prescribed movement. You can do the activities and movements while engaged in something else.


Questions about what an Alexander Technique session involves

Do I need to buy any equipment?



What to wear

Any comfortable, normal clothing


How long is a session?

45 minutes to 1 hour. The first session is usually 1 hour in which the teacher may try to find out your need and devise a plan of action.

What is expected of clients?

During the lessons, you follow the direction of the teacher and practice different movements. You will be given advice to sustain the lessons and become successful in learning the process.

Average costs / fees per session
£25 to £35 depending on length of the session, location in the country and the experience of the teacher.


What are the main Qualifications a practitioner should have?

A practitioner needs a minimum of three years training and should complete about 1600 contact hours from a training school.

Various societies also offer courses like the M.S.T.A.T (Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique).


What can Alexander Technique Treat?

Alexander Technique is thought to be effective in treating the following conditions:

back problems, stuttering, correcting voice loss, posture problem, offering speech training, avoiding Repetitive muscle and Strain Injury, coping with mobility of patients of Parkinson's disease, balance problems, complete recovery from physical injury, as a Physical therapy.

The Technique can be beneficial if you are suffering from chronic pain, injury or excessive stress.


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