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What is Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy based on the concept that there are energy fields around the human body. The flow of energy usually depends on two different and opposite poles i.e. positive and negative poles hence the name “polarity therapy”.

As long as these fields are in harmony with nature i.e. are balanced; a person remains emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy. But when they get disturbed, mingled or disoriented problems begin to arise.

Polarity therapy takes the form of bodywork, polarity yoga and diet awareness.

Polarity therapy sees the body as divided into two poles; the head and the right side of the body constituting the positive pole and the feet and left side of the body constituting the negative pole.

The spinal cord and other middle parts of the body are neutral.


History of Polarity Therapy

The theory was put forward by Dr Randolph Stone, an Austrian-born naturopath, osteopath and chiropractor in the mid 20th century.

He theorised that human energy fields are affected by movements, touch, diet, various environmental factors and by relationships as well. One of his most famous quotes, which perhaps helps to sum up Polarity therapy is:

‘Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and form’

The theory has its roots in the 6000 year old Indian system of Ayurveda (where ‘Ayu’= life, ‘Veda’ = Study).

Ayurveda takes the universe as a manifestation of 5 energies or elements i.e. ether, air, fire, water and earth.

The theory says that the transformation of energy from the source ended up in these five things which are founds in all forms of life. The five elements are believed to be found in humans in various forms such as breath, food, drink etc. The attributes of these elements also have a great impact on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our lives. Our anger, frustration, happiness and so on all have their roots in these elements - according to this theory.

Each of these elements is believed to have impact on man, and their imbalance causes the imbalance in the body’s energy field.


What happens during a Polarity Therapy Session

The practitioner first asks simple questions about your life style and medical history.

Then the bodywork starts in which you are made to lie down on a couch and he/she moves his/her hands down your head and down to the body till your feet and then back towards the head in a light way. The touch varies in intensity but is never hard.

There are various touch techniques used, like gentle movement, strokes, wave like movements. Some of these are not dissimilar to reflexology.

Generally the bodywork is a relaxing experience. But at times there may be overt emotional outcomes like laughter, tears or outrage. These simply prove that the therapy is working and that the hurdles in the energy field are being removed.

Apart from the bodywork, dietary advice is given with the aim of balancing the 5 elements. Proper diet helps the body in overcoming its toxic wastes.

Polarity yoga which includes some exercises is also recommended. The client can do this on their own to maintain the healing process.

Apart from these practices, the client is made aware of any subtle problems that are going on in the background and to focus on them. The idea is that the best way to get rid of a disease or problem is not to turn one's head away from it but rather to accept it and then cure it.

Thus, in this way the client’s own body awareness is increased which helps to change the patterns that are causing the symptoms. This ultimately makes the client aware of his own potential.

Question and answers about Polarity Therapy Sessions

What should I wear?

You wear any comfortable clothes. You are not required to get undressed during the therapy – apart from taking off your shoes.

How long are the sessions?

Typically 60 or 90 minutes.

Who should I choose as a practitioner?

Your ideal practitioner should be fully trained in Polarity therapy. Unlike some other complementary therapies, Polarity therapy cannot be learnt reasonably quickly in graded steps. The energy fields and five elements to be brought in balance need proper and organized movements, intensity and order.

What can Polarity Therapy treat?

The therapy is considered useful for treating the following problems / medical conditions

• Migraine
• Insomnia
• Depression
• Hormonal imbalance like PMS and menopausal problems
• Allergies
• Digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome
• Pregnancy and post-natal care
• Stress management
• Back pains
• Arthritis and fatigue.


Places where Polarity Therapy is practiced/taught in UK

UK Polarity Therapy Association

Polarity Wellness

Masterworks International

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